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Valentine's Day gifts


    Celebrate your love on Valentine’s Day with a little help from Present Aid by purchasing an ethical gift. Your thoughtful gift for that special someone will keep on giving long after Valentine’s Day.

  • A goat could help provide poor families with nourishing milk to drink and sell, earning them vital income for the future.

  • Your gift could help provide a refugee living in Serbian camp with three nutritious meals.

  • You could help fund a weekly radio programme that’s helping to tackle ignorance about HIV in rural communities in Burundi.

  • Through the power of art, you could help stop vulnerable young people being exploited by organised criminal gangs in Guatemala and create a culture of peace.

  • These chickens could provide eggs for a person living with HIV to sell at market, giving them a stable income to buy the nutritious food they need to help them stay healthy.

  • Antibiotics could help provide desperately needed treatment at mobile clinics in the occupied Palestinian territory.