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Christmas gifts

  • Christmas gifts

    All over the world, families are being wrenched from their homes by conflict and forced to start over, far from all that they know and love. Your Christmas gifts could light the way for these families and help them find a safer and brighter future.

  • For families caught up in conflict or disaster, hygiene kits – including soap, toothpaste, toothbrushes, nappies and women’s sanitary products – are vital essentials that can bring a sense of normality.

  • Your gift could help provide a survivor of sexual violence with a safe place to rest and the means to rebuild their life.

  • Your gift could help provide a refugee living in Serbian camp with three nutritious meals.

  • You could help provide some of the most vulnerable refugees – young children, the elderly and those with disabilities – with footwear to protect them during the cold, wet winter months.

  • Your gift could help provide counselling and financial support to help a rape survivor.