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  • Health gifts

    Each year, more than 200 million people get malaria. Yet, a chemically treated net can effectively stop it spreading. This World Malaria Day - give someone a health gift and you could help to save lives and give people a healthier future. 
  • A goat could help provide poor families with nourishing milk to drink and sell, earning them vital income for the future.

  • This gift of 10 bricks could go towards building a new maternity ward.

  • You could help ensure that a baby born in a developing country is given a great start by purchasing this gift. It contains everything a mother and baby need to help them survive those first critical 24 hours after delivery.

  • You could help fund a weekly radio programme that’s helping to tackle ignorance about HIV in rural communities in Burundi.

  • You could help protect five young children from being bitten by deadly mosquitos by purchasing this gift.

  • A mobile health worker can be a lifeline to families living in remote areas of Nigeria. This gift could help train a health worker who could go on to help hundreds of people.

  • You could provide a Syrian child with vital care and counselling support, helping them to rebuild their lost childhood after being caught up in war.

  • This gift of essential sanitary items could help keep women living in crisis zones healthy and safe.

  • You could help provide poor communities with solar energy to power water pumps for irrigation, and for toilets and showers.

  • You could improve the health care and vaccinations for vulnerable young children living in rural Kenya.

  • Every year almost 2 million people die as a result of poor sanitation. Invest in a loo and you could help save a life.

  • You could help provide a malnourished child with a nutritious food supplement and de-worming medicine, giving them a much-needed boost.