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    Our Present Aid gifts care for all of God's creation, particualrly our sisters and brothers already feeling the impacts of a changing climate. You can show your love beyond a thoughtful gift to a loved one, by loving our neighbours too.

    February is International Friendship Month and it’s an ideal way to celebrate that special bond between friends. Why not take the chance to tell your friends how important they are to you and show your love for creation too?

  • A floating garden can withstand the frequent floods of Bangladesh, protecting a family’s harvest so they can continue to earn a living, and send their children to school.

  • You could help raise a family’s home above dangerous floodwaters and provide them with the tools and livestock they need to make a fresh start.

  • You could help a poor family in Bangladesh to boost their harvest by helping them make their own fertiliser.

  • These little piggies will go to market to help a poor rural farmer in Cambodia support and feed their family.

  • A sturdy set of farming tools and the right training could help a farmer in Mali adapt to the changing climate, and make the most of their land.