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Present Aid is Christian Aid's charity gift website.

How we spend your money

The gifts that you purchase on the Present Aid website represent a donation towards a particular aspect of the work that Christian Aid does around the world to fight poverty.

You won't actually receive a duck, or a bicycle or a well, but you will be helping families in countries such as Ethiopia, Haiti, Bangladesh and many more places in need of support.

Each Present Aid charity gift belongs to one of seven funds, covering different types of work that we do through our partner networks.

These are:

  1. Agriculture and livestock
  2. Emergency and disaster preparedness
  3. Healthcare, including HIV
  4. Training and education
  5. Water and environment
  6. Basic needs
  7. Climate change

When you buy a gift, your money will contribute to projects within the relevant gift fund.

For example, if you buy the gift of a school desk, the money will be spent on our training and education projects.

Find out more about the work that Christian Aid partners do by taking a look at the what we do section of our main website.