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Christmas gifts

  • Goat and chickens in Christmas hats

    Christmas gifts

    We have a whole range of ethical gifts for family and friends this Christmas

  • This gift could help change a struggling farmer’s life forever by providing them with all the training and equipment they need to begin fishing for a living.

  • Many families in Bangladesh can't afford to send their children to school even though their children desperately want to go. For just £9, you could give one of them the textbooks, stationery and school essentials they need to study.

  • A goat could help provide poor families with nourishing milk to drink and sell, earning them vital income for the future.

  • With just one sheep, a woman in Ethiopia could earn enough money to start a savings group – supporting the other women in her community too.

  • This gift could help community health workers in Burkina Faso train mothers on how to make nutritious gruel to improve baby mortality rates.

  • This gift could provide families in Burkina Faso with a safer way to support their families by growing and selling food instead of working in dangerous mines.

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  • Everyone wants the essentials in life and here at Present Aid

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  • Give others a fruitful Christmas, and lasting support with our

  • Support our Christmas appeal this year with our Emergency Disa

  • Your gift could help provide a survivor of sexual violence with a safe place to rest and the means to rebuild their life.