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Safe water

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    Safe water

    Water keeps us clean; it keeps us healthy; it keeps us alive. Christian Aid works to ensure that people living in poverty can access safe water. Buy Present Aid charity gifts.

  • You could help give families living in remote villages access to water all year round.

  • You could help give people living in crisis clean water to drink.

  • For families caught up in conflict or disaster, survival kits – including water purification tablets, blankets and bandages – are life-savers.

  • These solar panels provide far more than electricity. They could help communities living on the edge of cities improve their local environments by providing them with power for sanitation facilities like public toilets and shower cubicles.

  • Poor sanitation and inadequate toilet facilities aren’t just inconveniences: it’s a problem that seriously stinks! Every year almost 2 million people die as a result of poor sanitation. Invest in a loo and you could help save a life.