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Health gifts

  • Health gifts

    Each year, more than 200 million people get malaria. Yet, a chemically treated net can effectively stop it spreading. This World Malaria Day - give someone a health gift and you could help to save lives and give people a healthier future. 
  • The ever-popular nanny goat could help provide poor families with nourishing milk to drink and sell, earning them a vital income.

  • A visiting health worker can be a lifeline to families living in remote areas of Nigeria. Your gift could help train a health worker who will be able to reach hundreds of people with advice on preventing deadly malaria inflection.

  • You could provide help a vulnerable child come to terms with their experiences during the war.

  • Your gift of essential sanitary items could help women living in crisis zones healthy and safe.

  • For families caught up in conflict or disaster, survival kits – including water purification tablets, blankets and bandages – are life-savers.

  • You can help bring healthy babies into the world by helping mums and babies get the antenatal and postnatal care they need.

  • These solar panels provide far more than electricity. They could help communities living on the edge of cities improve their local environments by providing them with power for sanitation facilities like public toilets and shower cubicles.

  • By helping to provide antenatal care and vaccinations for babies, you can save young children's lives.

  • Poor sanitation and inadequate toilet facilities aren’t just inconveniences: it’s a problem that seriously stinks! Every year almost 2 million people die as a result of poor sanitation. Invest in a loo and you could help save a life.

  • You could help provide a malnourished child with a nutritious food supplement and de-worming medicine, helping them on the road to recovery.

  • Antibiotics could help provide desperately needed treatment at mobile clinics in the occupied Palestinian territory.

  • You could help save children from deadly malaria by giving them simple mosquito nets – keeping them safe and sound while they sleep.


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