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Health gifts

  • Health gifts

    Each year, more than 200 million people get malaria. Yet, a chemically treated net can effectively stop it spreading. This World Malaria Day - give someone a health gift and you could help to save lives and give people a healthier future. 
  • This gift could allow volunteers to quickly diagnose malaria cases, helping them to save lives.

  • A GOATASTIC gift! Our locally sourced nanny goats produce milk to drink and sell, plus fertiliser for crops.

  • How do you turn two wheels into a brighter future? Give a vulnerable young girl a bicycle so she can travel safely to school and receive an education.

  • Help a vulnerable family by providing them with an emergency kit.

  • Let the sun shine for young children living with HIV.

  • You could help a woman living with HIV to earn extra income by giving her the raw materials she needs to make banana wine to sell.

  • Give a rural community access to clean water for drinking and cooking.

  • You could help improve the health prospects of expectant mothers and their newborn babies in rural Kenya by purchasing this special Christmas 'bundle of joy' healthcare gift.

  • This healthcare bundle could enable health professionals and volunteers to save lives.

  • These solar panels provide far more than electricity. They could help communities living on the edge of cities improve their local environments by providing them with power for sanitation facilities like public toilets and shower cubicles.

  • Help to improve the health prospects of young children in rural Kenya by contributing to a fund for a mobile outreach clinic.

  • Help provide training for traditional birth attendants to become ‘mother advisers’ to show rural women who risk their lives having their babies at home the benefits of giving birth in a hospital.



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