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Farming gifts

  • Farming gifts

    Farming gifts

    In rural communities around the world, many people rely on farming for their livelihoods. These gifts provide them with the resources they need in order to prosper.

  • This gift could help give Malawian farmers like James the knowledge and skills to cope better with the unpredictable weather.

  • Buy these seeds and you could help reduce malnutrition rates in rural communities.

  • These solar panels provide far more than electricity. They could help communities living on the edge of cities improve their local environments by providing them with power for sanitation facilities like public toilets and shower cubicles.

  • You could help cattle farmers diversify by providing them with training and seeds to grow vegetable gardens.

  • Help a farmer to rear pigs and earn an income in the low harvest season.

  • Help a farming co-operative become self-sufficient by contributing to a fund to purchase a sunflower-oil processing plant.

  • A watering can could help farmers grow food to feed their families and earn a living.

  • You could help poor communities to protect their local environment by purchasing this green champion gift bundle.

  • This gift could help improve the quality of life for poor communities in Africa, Asia and Latin America.

  • Ducklings could provide a regular income for a family.

  • A kitchen garden could help families to grow nutritious vegetables.

  • These seeds require little water to grow and will ensure that poor communities are able to harvest crops, even when the rain fails.



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