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Business gifts

  • Business gifts

    Business gifts

    These business gifts from Present Aid could provide poor families with the skills and resources that they need in order to become economically self-sufficient.

  • You could help a Bangladeshi family grow a floating vegetable garden that can withstand frequent floods and feed them all year round.

  • You could help someone lift themselves out of extreme poverty by giving them the chance to train as an electrician and set up their own business.

  • You could help a woman living with HIV to earn extra income by giving her the raw materials she needs to make banana wine to sell.

  • These locally sourced young goats are given to the most vulnerable villagers.

  • You could help improve the life of a cattle farmer trapped in extreme poverty by teaching him how to catch fish.

  • Help a farming co-operative become self-sufficient by contributing to a fund to purchase a sunflower-oil processing plant.

  • This is the perfect gift for anyone who loves chocolate, because it's all the chocolaty goodness with none of the calorific sin.

  • Your gift will help more farmers like Asha earn enough to support themselves and their families.

  • This gift could help improve the quality of life for poor communities in Africa, Asia and Latin America.

  • Ducklings could provide a regular income for a family.

  • You could help improve the life of a person living with HIV/AIDs by providing them with a chicken.

  • A sturdy set of tools could help Ethiopian farmers get the most from their land and grow enough food for their families.



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