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Charity gifts under £10

  • Charity gifts under £10 that can make a real difference to poor communites.

  • This gift could help provide people living in crisis with temporary shelter. 
  • Many families in Bangladesh can't afford to send their children to school even though their children desperately want to go. For just £9, you could give one of them the textbooks, stationery and school essentials they need to study.

  • Just one sheep could help a woman in Ethiopia to earn enough money to join a savings group, helping to support the other women in her community too.

  • You could help give people living in crisis clean water to drink.

  • You could help women living in rural Ethiopia lift themselves out of poverty by helping to purchase a cow.

  • You could help small-scale farmers transform their lives by helping provide the seeds they need to grow sunflowers. They could join a local cooperative to sell the sunflower seeds at market and save the money they earn to buy food and livestock.

  • These locally sourced young goats are given to the most vulnerable villagers.

  • With the power of art you could help stop vulnerable young people being exploited by organised criminal gangs.

  • One of our chickens could provide a person living with HIV with eggs to sell at market, giving them a stable income to buy the nutritious food they need to stay healthy.

  • You could help provide a malnourished child with a nutritious food supplement and de-worming medicine, helping them on the road to recovery.

  • Antibiotics could help provide desperately needed treatment at mobile clinics in the occupied Palestinian territory.

  • A sturdy set of hand tools and the right training could help a farmer in Mali adapt to the changing climate, and grow food for their family all year round.