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Charity gifts from £100 - £500

  • Charity gifts from £100 - £500 that can make a real difference to poor communites.

  • You could help improve the health prospects of expectant mothers and their newborn babies in rural Kenya by purchasing this special Christmas 'bundle of joy' healthcare gift.

  • These solar panels provide far more than electricity. They could help communities living on the edge of cities improve their local environments by providing them with power for sanitation facilities like public toilets and shower cubicles.

  • Help isolated communities know when river levels are rising and to issue flood warnings.

  • Help to improve the health prospects of young children in rural Kenya by contributing to a fund for a mobile outreach clinic.

  • This gift could help provide toilet facilities in poor, rural communities to prevent disease and deaths.

  • You could help support poor women around the world to develop skills and knowledge to stand up against sexual discrimination and gender violence.

  • You could help poor communities to protect their local environment by purchasing this green champion gift bundle.

  • Your generosity could help a family affected by the devastating 2010 earthquake in Haiti to build a new quake-resistant home.


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