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Mothering Sunday

  • Help mums around the world

    This Mothering Sunday, 6 March, please come together and give thanks for all mothers across the world, both those who are with us and those we remember at this time, for all of the love and support that they have given.

    Please place orders for cards by post by Sunday 28 February to make sure your card arrives in advance of Mothering Sunday.

  • Many families in Bangladesh can't afford to send their children to school even though their children desperately want to go. For just £9, you could give one of them the textbooks, stationery and school essentials they need to study.

  • You could help provide enough food for a month for a displaced family forced to flee their home in Myanmar.

  • Your special gift is a ‘Mother and baby healthcare bundle’. In Nigeria, more than 250,000 children under the age of five died from malaria in 2013.

  • Your gift could help provide shelter and emotional support to vulnerable women affected by gender-based violence in their community.

  • You can help bring healthy babies into the world by helping mums and babies get the antenatal and postnatal care they need.

  • You could help women around the world stand up against discrimination and gender violence.

  • You could help provide a malnourished child with a nutritious food supplement and de-worming medicine, helping them on the road to recovery.

  • You could help save children from deadly malaria by giving them simple mosquito nets – keeping them safe and sound while they sleep.