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Gift bundles

  • Gift bundles

    Gift bundles

    Say hello to our new gift bundles; charity gift giving made easy.

  • You could help improve the health prospects of expectant mothers and their newborn babies in rural Kenya by purchasing this special Christmas 'bundle of joy' healthcare gift.

  • This ‘top of the class’ bundle could help to give adults and children the chance of a life free from poverty through education.

  • This healthcare bundle could enable health professionals and volunteers to save lives.

  • You could help support poor women around the world to develop skills and knowledge to stand up against sexual discrimination and gender violence.

  • You could help poor communities to protect their local environment by purchasing this green champion gift bundle.

  • You could help save lives when a disaster hits a poor community by purchasing this emergency mobile phone bundle.

  • This gift could help improve the quality of life for poor communities in Africa, Asia and Latin America.



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