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Giving as a group

Why not team up with others to make an even bigger difference to some of the world's poorest communities, by buying Present Aid charity gifts as a group?

Join like-minded people at your school, club, church or workplace to fundraise together and buy a truly life-changing gift. You could improve the lives of whole communities by buying a well or a classroom.

Or perhaps you want to club together with family and friends to buy something amazing for someone special?

You can send your loved one a posted gift card or e-card with details of their gift, or print the card at home and give it to them in person. Or you can opt for our special group certificate, which you can proudly display to show off your achievement!

Get started now

Giving as a group

  • Money is collected online - it's simple, safe and secure
  • Personalise pages with a photo and message
  • Share on Facebook and Twitter or send our ready-made email
  • See when someone contributes and how much you've raised

Our top group gifts

A mobile doctor could help those living in conflict to get access to healthcare.

Goats can be a valuable source of income for people living with HIV.

A well could provide a community with clean water and better sanitation.

A young cow could give families in rural areas the chance to earn an income.

A beehive could provide an income for someone living with HIV.