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  • Celebrate 10 years of Present Aid and get your Christmas shopping sorted!

    A midwife holds a newborn baby in a hospital corridor

    Present Aid is 10 years old! Join in the celebrations by buying your family and friends gifts they’ll not only cherish, but that will also change poor communities’ lives for the better. Spend over £50 and you’ll receive a limited edition anniversary tea towel too.

  • Many families in Bangladesh can't afford to send their children to school even though their children desperately want to go. For just £9, you could give one of them the textbooks, stationery and school essentials they need to study.

  • A floating garden can withstand the frequent floods in Bangladesh, protecting a family’s harvest so they can continue to earn a living, and send their children to school.

  • The ever-popular nanny goat could help provide poor families with nourishing milk to drink and sell, earning them a vital income.

  • You could help provide enough food for a month for a displaced family forced to flee their home in Myanmar.

  • Just one sheep could help a woman in Ethiopia to earn enough money to join a savings group, helping to support the other women in her community too.

  • You could provide help a vulnerable child come to terms with their experiences during the war.

  • Help a farmer in Mali build a granary, so they can safely store crops to sell when needed, giving their family a more stable source of income and allowing them to plan for the future.

  • Your gift of essential sanitary items could help women living in crisis zones healthy and safe.

  • Your gift could help provide shelter and emotional support to vulnerable women affected by gender-based violence in their community.

  • A locally sourced cow could provide a hard-working woman in the developing world with the security, income and respect she deserves.

  • For families caught up in conflict or disaster, survival kits – including water purification tablets, blankets and bandages – are life-savers.

  • You could help someone lift themselves out of extreme poverty by giving them the opportunity to train as an electrician and possibly set up their own business.



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